Why write at all?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to share my work.

It’s pretty difficult for me to engage with sharing these days because of what the idea of “sharing” even entails these days. When you share something, that usually means that you’re clicking (clicking… how archaic!) a button on a social media site or app to effectively redistribute that thing within a context that’s somehow related to you. This is often to the aims of reinforcing your personal brand, driving up “engagement” or simply just a reflex reaction. It’s what you do on the modern internet.

This has been such a big question in my mind because the things I’ve been working on of late have been… They’ve been weird (Normally I’d dive into that but I’m trying this thing where I don’t fall into some completely unscoped meandering prose on whatever discursive topic comes to mind).

And that’s a core feature of esotericism - the semiotics of any esoterica are designed such to illicit a response from the “initiated”, but when you’re working on your own esoterica in some dark corner and you decide you want to share your work, who do you share it with? Which bits do you explain first? Explain at all?

The only way to understand, really, is to do. So I promised myself this morning that I’d write something tonight, working towards sharing my work. I like to write because it takes what’s internal to your mind, the vague discursive processes that feel concrete and completed, and actually forces serialization and by extension, internal consistency. You make those links explicit where they’re there and removes them where they aren’t. It’s a process of conceptual solidification. I’m just not very structured about it :P

It’s a marathon not a race, however, and whilst I’d like to write something good and considered and structured in consistent, clear and entertaining prose, instead I’m going to settle for just turning up for my attendance mark and to rebreak the seal.

I would like to write about the work I’ve been doing with Plan 9 and occultism, but to do that I think I need to begin to understand what I want to share, why and with whom. This is the first step, and hopefully I’ll be doing it by writing here. We shall see.