Start as you don’t mean to continue

I hate writing thinkpieces and “new blog” posts, because I get completely lost. The problem being that I’m an engineer in all aspects, and when I write I like it to be about what I did and what worked - you can’t misjudge your audience or make false claims or generalisations when doing this because the audience is whoever is interested in what you did, and it’s definitely true because you were there.

I want this blog to be about my experiences in magic and technology, and I’ve written and deleted about 3 particularly stuffy statements of belief that I can’t get to the end of because of wild tangents because I feel like I need to contextualize. So I guess I need to summarise it in like, 3 sentence and then call it good enough.

I believe that any power in religion or magic comes from the practice and frameworks of focussing the will (i.e. a technology for doing so) and that anything achieved from doing so is done under the agency of the individual or individuals participating in the practice.

I hypothesize that the techologies of religion, magic and the occult likely have further use in self mastery under recognition of the fact that the human mind is fundamentally irrational and unless particularly well practiced, is not incredibly obedient to the mind.

Finally I believe that technology does not have enough aesthetic value, and that a ritual is basically just a protocol with a sense of style.

To summarise, you could say that I’m an irrational rationalist or a rational irrationalist - I want to learn from historical techniques of the occult and religion in order to develop my own to become the most effective individual I can be. This may or may not include doing things that sound like I believe in the supernatural, but I don’t. I’m just an engineer with limited time and limited scruples as to which mileau I’ll engage in to have an interesting and “effective” life.

Okay that was pretty good. Blog style: keep it brief so you don’t bore yourself hahah.